12 Reasons why 70% of people Snore in USA

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12 Reasons why 70% of people Snore in USA

Sleep is known as the universal therapy for the body as it performs significant role for good health and well-being throughout one’s life.

It is also considered as healing and repairing time for dead tissues, balance metabolism, and boost immune system. Moreover, during this time, your body is working in operation to support healthy brain function and maintain normal blood flow. In general, it helps protect and preserve your mental, physical, and emotional health.

It was known from several research that the manner or the way you feel when you woke up depends on the quality sleep you spent during the night. For children and teenagers, sleeping also helps support growth and development.

When we sleep right, it will surely benefit us. However, while our body is repairing inside it also affects or create major relationship problems outside especially when your partner snore heavily.

Snoring is a common physical condition that can affect anyone, although it happens more often in men and people who are overweight. It was found out that 40 percent of adult men and 2 about 4 percent of adult women are usually snorers. When men reach the age of 70 they become less likely to snore.

Snoring is the throaty sound that happens when air flows through relaxed tissues on ones throat, making the tissues on throat to vibrate as you breathe. In addition, this happens when air can’t freely flow through your nose and throat during sleep.

Anyone could snore especially the old ones. This could appear normal but for some cases it can be a chronic problem. At times, snoring may also indicate a serious health condition. Moreover, it can be a nuisance to your partner.

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Snoring is one of the loudest sounds a human can make and it?s being recorded to hit at least 40 decibels as a lot as the jackhammer.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, 70% of Americans snore and eventually increasing per year.

Certain study must be conducted in order to know if snoring could be a sign of sleep apnea. But what are the reasons why most of the Americans snore?

  • Sleep disorder or sleep apnea could be one of the reasons why most Americans snore which is commonly known as Insomnia. This sleep dysfunction occurs to a person who consistently woke up several times at night or considered night time awakening which are unidentified problem called sleep apnea.
  • Having throat allergies which cause congestion irritates, exasperate and swell the upper passage airway that results to snoring which is common to Americans.
  • Climate condition could be one of the reason. Many areas or states in America has dry air where dust and pollution are present. For this reason, many will feel nasal congestion; it’s because the mucus membranes cover the upper airway passage as well as nasal openings with mucus which cause excessive snoring.
  • Obesity or weight gain is common to Americans, this could be one of the reasons for snoring. This means tissues and excessive fat deposits surrounding the neck may cause swelling, creating wind resistance in the airway passage when breathing.
  • Americans practice inappropriate lifestyle which affects one’s body especially during sleep time. Practicing excessive smoking cause irritation to tissues in the throat and leads to inflammation that can cause and produce excessive snoring sound.
  • Americans are known to consume excessive alcohol drinks. This cause to relax the muscles of the upper airway passage, which by then, can create or produce a floppy pigment and make nuisance noise as you breathe while sleeping.
  • Ingesting medicine or undergoing such medications could be one of the reasons for snoring. This affects our throat passage which can relax the tone of the muscles in the neck and chest part, making breathing more difficult and hard.
  • One of the practical and basic reason for snoring is aging. Having old age affects our body when resting. The older our bodies get, the less tone and moisture we hold in our throat tissues.
  • Sleeping position could be one of the factors why Americans snore. Wrong position has an impact on whether you snore. Based on most findings, wives who have husbands who severely snore found out they are sleeping on their backs as they snore. Having the right side or exact position could ease or cease the snoring.
  • Having sleep deprivation can cause snoring. When a person was deprived from sleep on early days due to night work or overtime activities, his or her body wants to recover from sleep which may lead to excessive snoring due to physical fatigue.
  • In recent medical study there is an increasing rate of asthma for Americans. This is one of the many reasons why snorers in America are prevalent. Having asthma could be one of the reasons why a person snore. This is a chronic condition that cause inflammation of airways and constricts to cause breathing difficult which by then cause to excessive snoring.
  • Menopause could be one of the reasons why a person snore. This is a time of major hormonal, physical and psychological adjustment or change for women but this could vary from women to women. Menopause can cause sleep disordered breathing which leads to snoring.

Practical tips to stop snoring

These are the best tips to avoid or stop snoring.

  • Always maintain appropriate weight and right diet. Fatty tissue around your neck can cause snoring.
  • Try to position sleep on your side rather than your back. When you sleep on your back, you allow your tongue, chin and any excess fatty tissue under your chin to relax.
  • Refrain from drinking alcohol before going to bed
  • Minimize or quit smoking especially during night time before you go to sleep
  • Keep your nasal passages clear through nasal spray or antihistamine tablets
  • Try an over-the-counter remedy such as snore calm products, nasal strips or mouth guards
  • Always do physical exercise which can relax the body and allows the blood to flow normally
  • If your snoring still occurs while doing other tips then seek medical help from a doctor.

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