7 Signs You Are Lacking Protein

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7 Signs You Are Lacking Protein

Protein helps to perform several bodily functions right. We need to eat a well balanced diet to function optimally throughout the day. Our bodies need a combination of carbohydrates, healthy fats and protein to insure we maintain good health. This allow us to grow muscle mass, exercise and get adequate sleep. If you experience any of the items listed below you may want to review your diet and what types of food you are eating.

Hair loss

Hair is basically made of protein, so when you start experience hair loss, the first thing you need to consider is what you are eating in your diet. Your hair needs protein to strengthen and grow, without it your hair will thin, become brittle and eventually result in hair loss.

Shortness of breath

One of the issues you may face is a shortness of breath. This can be caused by a lack of energy. We build this energy through our cells that metabolize food to support healthy cells and tissues in your body. When these cells do not receive this energy you may feel sluggish, this can result in a number of health problems. When you eat a fat packed diet, you might feel lightheaded. The lack of energy is accompanied by shortness of breath and fatigue.

Increased appetite

Do you feel hungry shortly after eating? These hunger signs can be indicated by what you are eating. The increase in appetite is the result of low protein diet.So when hunger strikes, instead of carbohydrate rich foods, have a granola bar, nuts or fruit. This will help you to feel full and eat less calorie laden foods. Also make sure to drink pleanty of water, we often confuse thirst with hunger.

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Sugar cravings

You will also experience increased sugar cravings. You will have these cravings in between your meal. Always eat protein at every meal so that you satiate hunger and stabilize sugar. This will also ward off the mid meal cravings.

Feeling sluggish after eating

It is common to feel sluggish after a heavy meal, but if you always get the same feeling after each and every meal, chances are that you are not getting enough protein. Start your day with a protein rich breakfast like whole grain toast with eggs or Greek yogurt with chopped fruit and a handful of walnuts.

Not healing from injuries

If you get injured often and notice that the healing takes a lot of time, then it could be due to the fact that you are not eating enough protein in a day. As protein helps in muscle repair, you need enough protein in your body to heal your injuries,

Lower immunity

Your body needs protein to be strong and to keep your body safe to ward off infections. So when you do not get enough proteins, your body has a hard time coping with germs and infections, which results in lower immunity and you tend to fall sick on a regular basis.


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