7 Signs You Aren’t Drinking Enough Water

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7 Signs You Aren’t Drinking Enough Water

Let’s be honest, nothing is more refreshing than drinking a nice, cold glass of ice water after a workout. In fact, it could be one of the best feelings possible. It’s when our bodies need water and it feels great to drink, as opposed to other times when it can seem more bland and undelightful. With that said, some of us still don’t drink nearly enough of it, thus hurting our bodies in the long term. In fact, if you notice some of the problems listed below, I highly suggest you go have a drink right now!

1. You have dry skin

Our skin is actually our body’s largest organ, so it’s crucial that we keep it hydrated. When we notice dryness, it could be a signal of a lack of hydration. Also, when we sweat, it is our body’s natural way of cooling itself down, as well as washing away dirt and oil that builds up on our skin throughout the day. So, if you’re looking for another way to stop breakouts of acne, staying hydrated could be a solid solution.

2. Dry eyes

It’s generally understood that drinking water affects more than the mouth and throat. Lack of water intake leads to dry, irritated and bloodshot eyes. When our bodies are not hydrated enough, the tear ducts in our eyes dry up. This is especially troublesome for those of us who wear contacts throughout the day. Along with putting eye drops in, drinking more water can be a possible solution to the problem.

3. Dry mouth or increased thirst

Not to be Captain Obvious, but if you’re thirsty and you can feel that your mouth is dry, it’s a major signal that your body needs water. Water lubricates the mucous membranes in our mouths, meaning that it keeps them moist with saliva that will last long after the first sip.

4. Joint pain

You may not know this, but nearly 80 percent of our cartilage and spinal discs are made up of water. So, when trying to avoid our bones from grinding up against each other, we need to make sure we are hydrated. Think about how much shock our joints take from running, jumping or even walking!

5. Premature aging

The amount of water in our bodies keeps going down as we get older. So, as we age, we should increase water intake accordingly. Although you may not notice any signs of aging on the outside, your insides could be feeling the effects of limited water intake. So, in order to limit aging both inside and out, we need to make sure that we drink adequate water throughout our entire lives, and at a slightly increased rate as each year passes.

6. Decreased muscle mass?

Like most areas of the body, our muscles are comprised mostly of water. Thus, less intake means that our muscles could be suffering as a result. When we drink water during a workout, it helps keep us hydrated and brings water to the most-needed areas of the body. In turn, this helps keep inflammation to a minimum and can even alleviate sore muscles after working out.

7. Staying sick longer

When we drink water it allows our bodies, most prominently our kidneys and liver, to flush toxins out. With that said, our organs will always work to filter our waste, but why not try to fuel the machine with the best possible fluid to make this process work more efficiently? Without it, eventually our body will start pulling water from other areas, like our blood, which could lead to unnecessary problems.

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