A Hidden Benefit of Yoga

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A Hidden Benefit of Yoga

Yoga is not a trend, it is here to stay. It’s been around for centuries and the benefits are many. Flexibility, weight loss, peace of mind, self-esteem, confidence, strengthens muscle tone, excellent for joints, makes you look fab, makes you feel fab, helps you sleep and relieves stress and anxiety.

The one thing yoga also does is ease constipation. And that is one thing we never talk about, yet it happens to everybody more than just once in their lives.

Why do people get constipated?

Constipation generally comes from an unhealthy lifestyle and poor diet. People who eat plenty of organic and raw food, dark leafy greens, vegetables, high fiber foods, legumes, nuts, beans and lean meats generally do not have constipation problems.

People who eat sugars, carbohydrates and processed foods will have issues with their bowels.

It is important to change your diet if you want to change your bowel movements. A healthy bowel movement is once per day, although four times a week is also okay.

Yoga can help your bowel movements too and ease constipation

Do you know that just a few minutes of yoga practice every day can ease constipation? It can also ease stomach cramps, bloating of the stomach and any straining.

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Yoga increases the flow of blood and oxygen into the system. Most yoga poses include pelvic movement, loosening whatever is in our stomachs. Yoga can prevent pelvic disease and stomach illness if done regularly.

Try these yoga poses to ease constipation

1.Ardha-Matsyendrasana (Sitting half spinal twist posture)

This pose stimulates the pancreas, liver, spleen, kidneys, stomach and the ascending and descending colon. It improves bowel movements, eases stomach cramps and offers relief from constipation.

2.Mayurasana (The peacock pose)

This pose is extra helpful for toning the bowels and pelvis. It helps improve digestions and assists the body to get rid of toxins. Do this pose if you have been eating unhealthy food and if you feel bloated and uncomfortable.

3.Halasana (The plough pose)

This pose is when you are on your back with your legs up high in the air and then over your head. The posture gives comfort to your liver and intestines, massing them when your legs are behind you. It is also an inversion pose which means the blood circulation is increased in the pelvic areas, which boost digestion.

5.Badha Konasana (Butterfly pose)

This pose is fantastic because you can literally do it anywhere you are. You sit on the floor with a straight back, cross legged, feet touching one another, each leg out to the side. Just like a butterfly. This forward bending posture helps the digestive system and also stops bloating by relieving excess gas. It is very good for stomach cramps too. This is a very relaxing pose and it is a good idea to do this every couple of hours. Your thighs will get strong too, as will your core.

6.Pavanmuktasana (Wind relieving pose)

The name says it all and really, you only need to do this pose once a day! The pose helps you release gas. Often it is a buildup of gas that can cause constipation. The posture can help with digestion and any acidic build up, including dyspepsia. You may find that you release gas while you are in this pose. The good thing about yoga is that it is a non-judgmental exercise and if you do release gas during a class, nobody cares.

7.Standing forward pose

This is a general exercise, not just yoga. Lean over, keep your core pulled in, and touch your toes with your hands. Your head should be just between your legs. Stay like this as long as possible, or repeat. Excellent for the pelvis, bowel movements and general core strength and stomach health.

Overall well-being and constipation

As specified above, it is very important to eat and drink well. Do not have fizzy drinks. Sugar is really bad for your stomach and can lead to all kinds of long term illnesses too. Eat fiber rich foods, fruit and vegetables and DRINK. Water will honestly take constipation woes away.

Constipation is something that people do not talk about often enough. It is seen as a bit shocking, which is ridiculous given we all struggle or suffer from it at some time or another. We all get a bit shy when we go into a pharmacy and ask for a laxative or over the counter medication.

Laxatives work, of course the do. But the body can easily get reliant on a laxative, which means it forgets how to go to the toilet on its own. Laxatives are addictive and before you know it you are taking not just one or two a day, but five or six. They can be really dangerous and very unhealthy for your bowels and digestive system. Once you start taking laxatives, it is hard to stop.

Rather do yoga

Yoga practice brings mindfulness. It brings peace and relaxation, removes anxiety and has tons of health benefits. It is a good idea to take up yoga and practice daily, either with an instructor or on your own.

If you are on the path to easier pooping – do yoga! You may just be doing a number two every single day.

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