Easy Ways To Stop Your Partner Snoring

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Easy Ways To Stop Your Partner Snoring

At least 45% of all adults will snore every other night or occasionally. And so this also means almost half of all relationships will involve a partner that snores. Sleeping with someone that snores is probably one of the most annoying things that you can go through, and it is hard to live with it every other night. And to make things even worse, it will affect everything from the amount to quality of sleep that you get. But before deciding to stop sharing the bed or room, you should try the following easy ways to help a partner with a snoring problem.

#1 Keep the Bedroom Moist

If your partner has a snoring problem, it might be a good idea to invest in a humidifier as it can be very helpful. Dry air tends to irritate the throat and nose which can lead to snoring or make the problem worse. And so having a humidifier in the room keeps the air moist and ensures that your partner’s throat/nose does not dry out as he sleeps. Also, moist air will help to ensure better and more restorative sleep for both of you.

#2 Help Them Adjust Their Sleep Position

Wrong sleep position is also a cause and contributing factor for snoring. And so if you can help your partner change their sleep position you can minimize or even stop the snoring completely. One way to do this will entail ensuring that he/she always sleeps with the head raised by at least four inches. And this is because it keeps the airways open by moving the jaw and tongue forward and also encourages natural breathing as they sleep.

Another trick that always works when it comes to changing sleep position entails having them put a small tennis ball on the back of their sleeping clothes. This ball discourages them from rolling onto the back because it will not be a comfortable position for snoozing.

#3 Suggest and Help Him/her Lose Some Weight

Suggesting to someone that he/she needs to lose some weight is not always an easy topic to start, and this is more so in a relationship because most people will take it that you mean they are overweight. But, if you want to help your better half with the snoring problem this is a topic that you should be willing to tackle. Almost all overweight people will snore at night because the accumulation of fat around the throat narrows the airways as they sleep.

Encouraging your spouse to exercise and ensuring that they maintain a healthy diet to shed off some fat will make a huge difference. In fact, just shedding a few pounds will have a significant effect and you will notice a reduction in the frequency of their snoring.

#4 Skip that Late Night Drink

After a long day at separate jobs, after dinner is the perfect time to catch up with your partner. And most people will fancy doing this over a glass of wine or a couple of beers. However, if your want to help him/her stop snoring, that late night drink of alcohol is not a good idea. Alcohol relaxes the muscles around the airways and hence leading to snoring as one breathes in and out. And so you should discourage them from taking any alcoholic beverages after dinner or late in the evening.

#5 Buy Them Anti Snoring Devices

As you invest on earplugs for sleeping so that you can get some snooze around a snoring partner, you should also consider buying them some anti-snoring devices. Whether you buy them as a gift or just as something random, these devices can be very helpful for the snoring. However, it is important to figure out what kind of snorers they are because this will determine the right anti-snoring device for them. The nose snorers or breathers will require things like nose dilators and nasal strips. Mouth breathers and snorers, on the other hand, will benefit from using tongue stabilizing devices (TSD) and mandibular advancement devices (MAD).


As annoying as snoring might be your partner does not even know that he or she is doing it and it is never intentional. And so you should not let it ruin your relationship. Before you move out of the room or decide to be sleeping on the couch, you should try the simple tips above. And if they are not effective the best cause of action is to talk to a doctor because the snoring might be a sign of an underlying health problem.


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