Prunes Are Good You, Fresh, Dried And Juiced : YOU SHOULD BE EATING THEM TOO!

You may all remember your grandparents eating prunes or making stewed prunes for breakfast. Prunes had this thing about them when only old people ate them. They were all about easing constipation and regulating bowel movements. And that is true!!! Prunes do exactly that; they are one of the best fruits that you can eat for your digestion.

But prunes do so much more than that. They are packed with vitamins and nutrients, contain omega-3 fatty acids and are high in fiber.

So, think about ditching your water for prune juice. Or, like your grandmother, adding a few stewed prunes to your breakfast. They are an excellent source of energy, and can help you in a number of ways.

Help digestion

Prunes contain a lot of fiber which you need to keep your digestive system running smoothly. Prunes can ease constipation. Constipation is a problem in older people and can be caused by a pelvic floor problem, from medication, poor diet, and lack of exercise or genetics.

Prune juice acts as a laxative due to its high sorbitol content. You can buy prune juice off the shelf and it is best to look for the organic type.

Keeps your urination under control

Sometimes when you are constipated, the opposite happens with your bladder. You need to go to the toilet, to pee, often. This is from a lack of fiber which has a negative effect on the bladder function. Prune juice, or more specifically a mixture of prune juice, apple and unprocessed wheat bran can help.

Take a cup of prune juice, add a cup of grated apple and a cup of unprocessed wheat bran, mix together and eat.

It will help not only your constipation but also your urination.

Great source of potassium

Prunes are a great source of potassium. Potassium is an electrolyte that keeps you filled with energy. Potassium, a mineral, helps with your heart rhythm, blood pressure, digestion, nerve impulses and general health. The body does not naturally produce potassium so if you eat prunes or drink prune juice, you can have the potassium that your body needs.

Don’t overdo the prunes though, you do not want to spend too much time in the bathroom.

Great source of Iron

Prunes are a fabulous source of iron. When we do not have enough iron in our bodies we do not have enough healthy red blood cells, resulting in mid anemia. Anemia can be dangerous if not kept in check. Not enough iron means our heart has to work extra hard to pump blood around the body. Symptoms can be breathlessness, a quickened heartbeat, exhaustion and irritability. Prunes can help with iron content in your blood. Eat them raw and preferably organic, make them into a juice, or buy the juice.

Good for your plaque

Plaque builds up not just in your teeth but also in your arteries. It causes atherosclerosis, the narrowing of the arteries which ultimately can lead to a heart attack. You do not want to have a heart attack! You do not want to have any issues connected to the heart – a stroke or heart failure. Research has proven that prunes and prune juice are good for the heart. Drink seven glasses of water a day and one glass of prune juice a day and see how good you feel. And also how good you look.

Look after your bones and muscles

Prunes are a very good source of the mineral boron, in particular, dried prunes. Boron helps to build strong bones and muscles. It can help with muscle coordination and can also help in the treatment of osteoporosis. It looks after your brain muscles too.

Helps your diet

Prunes can help you manage your weight by keeping you feeling full for a long time. A prune, or prune juice, feels very heavy. Eating prunes as a snack will keep you full and suppress your hunger for longer than a low fat cookie for example. Be aware though that prunes do have sugar in them and one cup of prune juice has about 175 calories. It’s worth it though, if you look at all the benefits.

Be prune wise

Prunes are high in fiber which is why they are so good for your digestive system and help so much with constipation. If you have any medical problems you should check with a doctor or a health practitioner before you add extra prunes or prune juice to your diet. If you have a disease like ulcerative colitis, be aware of a high fiber diet.

Prunes can be eaten raw. They can be eaten dried and they can be eaten stewed. We love the stewed option, which are delicious with oats and yogurt. Dried prunes make a fabulous snack. And prune juice will re-hydrate you and get your digestive system working in no time at all.

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