The Amazing Healing Power of Sunlight

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The Amazing Healing Power of Sunlight

Along with healthy lifestyle habits and the right diet, sunlight offers tremendous healing benefits including protection against all types of diseases. In fact, exposure to ultraviolet light is one of the most impressive healing methods available. We are naturally attracted to being in the sun, because it’s our body’s’ instinct to heal and cleanse through the power of sunlight. Our cells are bundles of sun energy since the glucose and oxygen are products of the sun. We have been conditioned that being a sun worshiper is bad for us.

However, recent studies have reveals that sunlight:

  • lowers elevated blood pressure
  • decreases cholesterol in the bloodstream
  • stabilized blood sugar levels
  • increased white blood cells which are needed to resist infection and disease

Being in sunlight is a great way to provide your body with sufficient Vitamin D which is essential for good health and a strong immune system. Sunlight is a vital nutrient which gives us energy and disinfects our skin from harmful germs.

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Sunlight allows us to make vitamin D, credited with healthier living, but a surprise research finding could reveal another powerful benefit of getting some sun. Researchers at Georgetown Medical Center have found that sunlight, through a mechanism separate than vitamin D production, energizes T cells that play a central role in human immunity. Their findings, published in Scientific Reports, suggest how the skin, the body’s largest organ, stays alert to the many microbes that can nest there.

The Ultraviolet rays are necessary for normal cell division and the lack of Ultraviolet light disturbs normal cell growth. We do need to be concerned about over exposure. Spend limited time in the sun- say 15-20 minute periods, moving into shaded areas to take a break.

There have been studies that show that depression occurs in people during the change of seasons. As winter approaches and the earth tilts away from the sun, the days become shorter. This means less sunlight is available for our use. Many people find themselves depressed at this time of year, and the cause has been linked to the lack of sunlight. Indeed, people who sit under lamps that recreate the light spectrum of the sun have reported feeling happier and more energized. Sunlight also stimulates the pineal gland deep in the brain. This gland regulates our sleep/ wake cycles and triggers our bodies to activity or restful sleep.

Bottom line- we need the sun for a happy healthy life.

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