Try These 10 Healthy Herbs For Health Cures

Sometimes we feel ‘off’ without really knowing why.  There is no pharmaceutical medication that can help, and anyway, we don’t always want to take over the counter or prescription meds, and put chemicals in our bodies.

These 10 healthy herbs can help in a million different ways


Almost all young girls and women struggle with PMS.  We get moody and irritable just before our menstrual cycle, and often tearful as well.

Rose petal preserves can alleviate the symptoms. Get yourself an essential oil, rose oil, and rub it into your skin or as per the instructions.  Sometimes you can take it orally.  It will definitely help your mood and emotions as well as helping with depression, anxiety, irritability and feelings of grief and jealousy.


Ginger is not just tasty and filled with enzymes and anti-oxidants, it stimulates the body too. The enzymes break down your food allowing for easy indigestion.  Ginger tea in the morning, with a bit of mint and lemon, is a fabulous way to start the day. It will add zing to your day and your body, cleanse you and boost your immune system. If you wake up feeling a little bit out of sorts, have a cup of ginger tea.  It does marvels.


Like ginger tea, peppermint tea is fantastic.  You could even combine the two. Iced peppermint tea is especially delicious and refreshing. In the morning take two peppermint tea bags, soak them in ice water, squeeze out the excess water and place them over your eyes. They will give you that extra sparkle needed for the day.


These are so often the sign of spring and you may have a magnolia tree growing in your garden.  The flowers are absolutely beautiful, pale pink and purple with a gorgeous smell.  The magnolia is excellent for allergies and bad sinus.  Combined with other herbs, magnolia can help with nasal congestion, itchiness, running eyes and sneezing. There are magnolia supplements available from health care stores.


Red clover is really good as a detox and a cleanser and is filled with anti-oxidants. It can improve lymphatic drainage and also get all the toxins out of your system, flushing your kidneys. It improves liver function too. Red clover is sometimes hard to get and you can ask a homeopath or naturopath for the best sources and the best way to take it.


Neem oil comes from the leaf of the Neem tree and is brilliant for skin conditions, eczema and psoriasis.  It helps treat any fungal infection and is especially good when it comes to getting rid of lice.  All mothers want this oil, lice in children’s hair is a real problem and very difficult to deal with.  Most shampoos are filled with toxins so neem oil is the way to go. Neem oil also fights the bacteria that cause acne and pimples, so teenagers want this in their bathroom cabinet too.


Old people used to walk around with a clove or two of garlic tied around their neck.  Garlic staves off the flu and the common cold and has excellent anti-bacterial qualities. Garlic can also improve or lower your blood pressure therefore being healthy for your heart. It can also improve your cholesterol levels. Garlic can be taken fresh and crushed, the only drawback is the smell. Follow up with mint or peppermint tea.  You can also get hold of garlic tablets.


Make a trip to your local health store and ask to look at their overall herbal tonics. It may be that they have an herbal tonic oil for you. These are usually sesame oil based and have a mixture of different herbs in them. They are excellent for any chest conditions, to clear your sinuses and get rid of allergies, as well as for overall health. They promote circulation, and leave your skin looking clear and shiny.  Rub some on your chest after a bath and see how good you feel.


Parsley is much more than just a garnish!  You get all different kinds of parsley, each one as good as the other.  Parsley is also really easy to grow. Parsley has a high level of chlorophyll which boosts the immune system and stops colds and coughs and the common flu. The omega 3 fatty acid in parsley prevents cardiovascular disease and can also lessen the symptoms of, or prevent, arthritis.


Rosemary, especially fresh is delicious for using in food, rubbing over chicken or steak before cooking.  It is also brilliant to stimulate digestion as well as the nervous and circulatory system. If your stomach is feeling a little unsettled, make yourself a cup of fresh rosemary tea, or just inhale the rosemary.

Note that you can make bouquets out of the herbs above, hang them in your kitchen and they will not only smell good but will get rid of all your flies.


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