What is most important for weight loss?

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What is most important for weight loss?

When we start a weight loss plan, what is more effective diet or exercise? The first thing we need to address is: do you want to lose weight?

If the answer to this question is affirmative, then you need to be prepared to change the way you eat food and exercise.

You know what bugs me off every time? ? People who think that they can eat everything and go to the gym hoping they will lose weight.

I don’t know if this is their friends and talking, but it’s wrong.

It’s awesome that you are visiting the gym. However, you need to know that the exercise has a small impact on your calorie management. A 100% of the calorie intake comes from food, right?

The exercises you do can burn as much as 10% to 30% of the total daily calorie intake. And that’s not all.

People think that they need to eat food right after they finished exercising because they overestimate how many calories they burned.

The study shows how people accept many unhealthy behaviors that give opposite effects on the minimal benefits you got by doing exercises.

These actions can be seen everywhere around you and include taking a bus all the way to your home, taking the elevator instead the stairs, lying down in front of the TV after a good gym session instead walking with your dog or friends, and much more.

It means that you are making things even worse, and you will end up gaining weight.

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Don’t blame the gym, blame you for not taking care.

We came to the point where we concluded that the exercise is not the way to lose weight, it only helps the process if you are doing it right.

So, how do I lose weight?

Good question. The secret to the weight loss hides in your diet. When I said earlier that 100% of the calorie comes from your diet, I meant it.

A simple cardio workout of 30 minutes will make you lose 350 calories. That?s equal to one can of soda. Eliminating it from your diet will save you time, and all that comes with it.

A study from 2011 says that the physical activity is an indigent determinant of obesity.

When you see an obese person, the first thing that comes to your mind is that he needs to do some cardio and lose weight. How about that?she needs to cut some fatty foods to lose weight and go to the gym to bring fitness to her body?

It sounds better.

Another study from 2014 says that the most successful management program depends on a diet modification.

Okay, what should I eat to lose weight?

Everything clean. Focusing on healthy food is the road you need to take towards the healthy life and losing weight.

You need fuel foods that will make your body carry out the essential functions. Minimize unhealthy fat and focus on fiber, healthy fats, and protein rich foods.

Don’t get me wrong. Exercising is still necessary for the whole process. Eating healthy foods that will make you lose weight and combine it with exercises is the road you would want to take.

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