Why Flip-Flops are the Most Dangerous Summer Choice

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Why Flip-Flops are the Most Dangerous Summer Choice

One summer my family and I moved to Europe to spend the few summer months on the sea. We decided that we could work online and have clients meetings via. Skype. Everything was going pretty well. Each side was satisfied with the work and everything else.

The time we spent there was outstanding. If you have the same opportunity, I strongly advise you to do it at least once in your lifetime.

My official “shoes” during that summer period were my flip-flops. Of course, right? After a month, or month and a half, I started feeling this strange pain in my foot. At first, I thought it was from all the morning jogs I did the week before that. So, I decided to take a break. The pain was going stronger and stronger. I even visited a doctor there. He said that everything was fine.

No special damages in my foot. He recommended me to relax more and while I’m lying down my feet to be a little bit inclined on something.

I tried everything. The pain was taking over my leg. My tendon started hurting like crazy. Keep in mind that whenever I walked somewhere, I was doing that on my flip-flops. It was an ongoing mystery what happened to my feet. I started to feel scared about my health. We were ready to fly back to the US, and my husband decided to try one more thing.Mira Sunglasses

He contacted his friend, who is a doctor actually, to ask him for advice. He immediately asked if I’m walking on flip-flops. It changed the whole thing. I ditched them, and my foot recovered in a week. That’s my story and last experience with these pain-causers. When I saw these evidence about flip-flops I immediately wanted to share with you.

Flip-Flops will make you clumsy

The University of Auburn wanted to know more about the individuals who are addicted to flip-flops.

They tested people who are wearing sneakers and others wearing flip-flops. The results came in and showed that the second group of individuals walk slower and are clumsier than the first group.

Flip-Flops can damage your heels and toes

I can ensure you about this one. My story is written all over this evidence. Wearing the flops puts enormous pressure on your heels. Regularly wearing them will result in pain in the heels and toes.

Flip-flops can get your blisters

It’s the most common side effect of wearing flip-flops. They can further attack your health.

Flip-flops can change your body and cause pain

These summer shoes are not designed to hold your body stable. The pain you feel, or even the blisters could modify the way you walk. It means your body is getting used to the hunched position.

Doing this for 3 or 5 months could affect your spine, hips, and knees.

They expose your feet to bacteria, viral, and fungal infections.

Any time your feet get particularly filthy (i.e., any time you wear your flip-flops in public), they’re likely covered in some nasty things likes Staphylococcus, a bacteria that can irritate the skin on your foot in the best case or lead to amputation in the worst-case scenarios. (It depends on whether you have open wounds, like microwounds from exfoliation during a recent pedicure, or actual cuts, and your state of health when you pick up the bacteria.)

Athlete’s foot, an itchy fungal infection that’s highly contagious, is spread by contact with something that’s contaminated. When you wander around nearly barefoot, you’re screwed if this fungus crosses your path. And the same goes for the virus that causes warts, human papillomavirus (HPV).

Better yet, walk barefoot when you can.

Kick off your shoes and stand tall! Walking barefoot on natural surfaces like grass and sand doesn’t hurt. In fact, the more often you walk shoeless, the stronger your feet and ankles will become.

Going barefoot improve the ease of movement and flexibility of the feet, which in turn results in better blood circulation. It also provides better stability and balance.

As you begin to spend more time barefoot, your natural gait will emerge, (unimpeded by footwear) and the muscles of your back and abdomen will tone and strengthen.

Additionally, you are much less prone to slouching if you’re barefoot. Most shoes and sandals hold the feet in an unnatural position that your body attempts to correct by changing your posture.

Don’t forget to let your friends know about this.

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